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Aug 19, 2013 12:00pm EDT
? >> probably. probably. dr. oz: you're like so many folks, eespecially those of us who have falling dreams. for me it's an issue of curiosity but what makes me hit the ground one day and not the other? that's really the reason everybody interprets their dreams. it's just curious, look at what you've done before. thanks for sharing. the next dream everyone has is about being chased. you're sweating, yet chilled to the bone and you're running as fast as you can. someone is chasing you. you plead with your feet to go faster. but it's too late. as you're grabbed from behind you wake up in a cold sweat. are you nuts for thinking someone is going to get you? so camille says she has had chasing dreams for years. exactly who was chasing you? >> well, dr. oz, my husband is the one who i see when i turn around. i've been having the chasing dreams where i'm being chased. the scenery stays the same it's either at home or work, going up the stairs, down the stairs, going in circles but i can't get out of the scene. the scene stays the same. my heart races. i always wake up at the point before i'm caugh
Aug 23, 2013 12:00pm EDT
things that you feel blocks us from being happy the most. >> for me perfectionism was one of those things. but if you think about it. it's just a particular form of unhappiness. i think materialism. dr. oz: why is that? that's my problem by the way. why is that a form of unhappiness? >> think about perfectionism. the definition is dissatisfaction. you're dissatisfied with your performance or you're afraid of disappointing yourself or somebody else. that it's a continual state of not good enough. and that's an unhappiness kind of a -- dr. oz: that explains a lot. so we have perfectionism. >> we also have materialism. pursuing, just trying to get things in life. thinking about what you can get out of life instead of what you can give to it. that shift can really make a difference between being happy or not. dr. oz: what's the third item? >> i think a lot of people today struggle with entitlement. if you think about it, when we feel entitled to something, that just means emotionally we're much more likely to feel disappointed when we don't get what we want than we are to feel grateful when w
Aug 22, 2013 12:00pm EDT
comes from billion garea, i guess. but tell us how it fights cancer. >> they actually fought over who owns the bull gar. it's actually a coarse wheat that's precooked and cracked and you can buy it either coarse like this or fine like that. the way to get the most flavor out of bulgar is to toast it. it helps to prevent cancer by its very high fiber content. bulgar is one of the best sources of magnesium and a good source of fiber. about a cup of bulgar has eight grams of fiber cooked, and women who consume about 30 grams of fiber a day cut in half their risk for breast cancer. dr. oz: in half? >> in half. dr. oz: what's the right dose of bulgar wheat? >> i'd like a cup a day. it's a lot, but it's a way to get that fiber, it's a way to get whole grains, which many people believe we need more of, and the coarseness of the bulgar, i think, is the way to negotiation even when you use it -- go, even when you use it with meet, you can make a pilaf with garlic, onions, saw today oil, or you can soak it in flavorful liquid like chicken stock and it comes alive. dr. oz: you're making me hungr
Aug 21, 2013 12:00pm EDT
here. that's size 24 dress, used to belong to sessy. now, she's wearing a size 6. that is 16 sizes smaller. come on out. that's remarkable. heather used to wear a size 20. now she wears a size 2. that is down 18 sizes. and finally jen used to wear a size 22. now she wears a size 6. she's dropped 16 sizes. all because of one man. you've seen his info merbles, read his books, maybe tried his workout. and you have been begging me to bring him back. so today he's here. revealing his brand new never before seen program to reshape your body. the man with the breakthrough plan is tony horton. >> it's about feeling good and healthy inside and out. i was the kid who was the 98 pound weakly who got the sand kicked in his face. very slowly over the course of time i understood what the combination of healthy food and regular exercise can do for a person. dr. oz: a one-man exercise enterprise. tony's sold more than $500 million in fitness programs, authored several books and created a meal delivery service to help you get in shape. his workouts are tough and intensive. but they have a devoted f
Aug 20, 2013 12:00pm EDT
used to thicken and take some of the smooth supes and sauces to make them just the right texture. but gluten is also found in tons of processed foods. in cookies, pasta, beer, salad dressing, even gran ola bars. but is this tiny protein harmful? i want to introduce you to dr. barnrd. welcome back to the show. so we hear about gluten all the time these days. how much of a concern is it really for you? i know you deal with this day in andnd day out. >> it's a huge concern because gluten is such a commeelion. you think i've got irrelevantable bowel. you can think that you're becoming demeanted but the problem really relates to the gluten. and a recent study showed there are over 50 different condition that is can be attributable to the gluten. anemia, a person gets one test after another, they start getting treatment for depression, side effects. it's all related to the food that they're eating. and when they get away from it the symptoms vanish. dr. oz: i like the idea of a camilleion disease. i see so many vague complaints it's hard to tie it together. i hear it all the time from our a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5